In beverage formulations based on plants and dairy, emulsifiability, stabilization and suspension of insoluble particles such as fruit pulp, minerals and proteins are major challenges. Often, additional raw materials are desired to improve texture or provide a unique mouthfeel. The highly functional ThixogumTM grades contribute to easy stabilization and texturization of beverages.

Nexira’s goal

With 120 years of experience in natural & innovative ingredients, deep knowledge of hydrocolloids and of gum acacia, Nexira offers their Thixogum™ range to achieve ideal sensory performance and meet consumer expectations for nature-based ingredients. Thixogum™ are all-natural hydrocolloids with unique texturizing and stabilizing properties.


Developed specifically for the beverage industry, ThixogumTM products help to optimize plant- and dairy based formulations. Furthermore, ThixogumTM grades are ideally suited for vegan and sugar-free products. It does not matter whether the end products are cold-stirred or produced by heat treatment (UHT, pasteurization).

ThixogumTM product range

The ThixogumTM product range contains easy-to-use synergies of different raw materials such as gum arabic, gellan, guar gum and xanthan. The unique combinations convince through their highly functional and very specific properties.

ThixogumTM S
Thixogum™ S is a powerful combination of the two natural ingredients gum acacia and xanthan gum. Thixogum™ S is used for stabilization and dispersion in beverages. The product is easy to disperse in water (even in cold water without a shear stirrer), is colourless and tasteless, gives a certain texture/mouthfeel and allows insoluble substances such as particles or pulp to be suspended in a beverage.

Dosage recommendation for improved mouthfeel/texture: 0.1% to 0.4%
Dosage recommendation for suspension of particles/fruit pulp: 0.1% to 0.2%

ThixogumTM CS
This ThixogumTMgrade is a combination of xanthan gum and guar gum. ThixogumTM CS excels as a cold-water soluble thickener and significantly increases the viscosity of the final products. In addition to the effect of thickening and improved mouthfeel, ThixogumTM CS can also be used to suspend particles and pulp.

Recommended dosage for improved mouthfeel/increased viscosity: 0.05% to 0.2%.
Dosage recommendation for suspension of particles/fruit pulp: 0.35% to 0.40%.

Thixogum™ G
Thixogum™ G is a composition of gum acacia, a natural emulsifier, and the natural stabilizer gellan. The product is very easy to use, highly soluble, colourless and tasteless. The influence on viscosity is very low, Thixogum™ G gives a good mouthfeel and helps to suspend particles / pulp. This grade is pH stable up to >3.5 and is activated by elevated temperature.

Dosage recommendation for stabilization of beverages: 0.25% to 0.35%.
Dosage recommendation for suspension of particles/fruit pulp: 0.35% to 0.40%


The ThixogumTM products have the following advantages:

  • Natural texturizing and stabilizing agents
  • Natural texturizing and stabilizing agents
  • Easy-to-use raw materials
  • Immediately dispersible
  • Highly functional synergistic combinations
  • Long-term preserved stability
  • No sedimentation of individual particles

Winner Beverage Innovation Awards

In 2019, our manufacturing partner Nexira won the World Beverage Innovation Award in the “Best Beverage Ingredient” category with its ThixogumTM Ggrade. This award underlines the innovative power behind the ThixogumTM product range.


The ThixogumTM products are highly functional raw materials for beverage applications due to their unique properties in terms of viscosity, texturing, improved mouthfeel and ability to support suspension

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