The vegan trend is still on the rise. Vegan schnitzels, burgers, yogurts, etc. are diligently tested and consumed. And curiosity doesn’t stop when it comes to innovative plant-based milk alternatives!

Challenge for vegan milk alternatives

In vegetable beverage formulations, emulsifiability, stabilization, and suspension of insoluble particles such as pulp, minerals, and proteins present major challenges. Often, additional raw materials are needed to improve texture or provide a unique mouthfeel. The highly functional ThixogumTMquality from the ThixogumTM family offers a market-driven solution for this very purpose. ThixogumTM G makes a strong contribution to facilitate stabilization and texturization for dairy alternatives.

ThixogumTM product range

The ThixogumTM product range includes easy-to-use synergies of different raw materials such as gum arabic, gellan, guar gum, and xanthan gum. The unique combinations convince with the highly functional and very specific properties.

Thixogum™ G
ThixogumTM G, as indicated, is precisely the quality that is particularly well suited for plant-based milk alternatives. This product is a composition of gum arabic, a natural emulsifier, and the natural stabilizer gellan. The product is easy to use due to the perfectly matched synergy. In addition, it is highly soluble, colorless, and tasteless. The influence on viscosity is only very slight. Thixogum™ G gives a good mouthfeel and helps suspend particles and pulp. The quality is pH stable up to > 3.5 and is activated by increased temperature

Dosage recommendation for stabilization of plant-based beverages: 0.25% to 0.35%.
Dosage recommendation for suspension of particles/fruit pulp: 0.35% to 0.40%.


The ThixogumTM product range, developed specifically for the beverage industry, helps to optimize beverages with a wide variety of formulations. The final product can be mixed cold or produced by heat treatment (UHT, pasteurized). Depending on the need, you can find the right quality. ThixogumTM G is particularly suitable for vegan and sugar-free products.


The ThixogumTM product range offers the following advantages:

  • Natural texturizing and stabilizing agents
  • Free-flowing and dust-free powder
  • Easy to use raw materials
  • Highly dispersible & soluble
  • Highly functional synergistic combinations
  • Stability sustained over the long term
  • No sedimentation of individual particles

Nexira’s goal

Our long-standing manufacturing partner Nexira ( aims to achieve ideal sensory performance for a wide range of beverage formulations. The application should be functional, simple, and meet consumer expectations for nature-based ingredients. Goals that are extremely important, especially for plant-based milk alternatives. The various intentions can be easily achieved thanks to 120 years of experience and deep knowledge of hydrocolloids and gum arabic. The ThixogumTM range and in particular the ThixogumTM G grade, with their stabilizing properties, are convincing all along the line.

Winner Beverage Innovation Awards – or why we are a fan of this product range

In 2019, Nexira won the World Beverage Innovation Award in the “Best Beverage Ingredient” category with its ThixogumTM G quality. This award underlines the quality and innovation behind the ThixogumTM product range!


The unique properties in terms of viscosity, texturing, improved mouthfeel and the possibility of suspension meet any expectations.
So if you want to keep up with the vegan trend and create high-quality milk alternatives, you’ve found the perfect partner in ThixogumTM G!

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