The beverage industry is strongly driven by trends. But what is currently the most popular drink? Smoothies, Cold Brew Coffee or maybe your product? Now the question is how you manage to inspire your customers. Should your drink be fruity, sweet, wakeful or soothing? We have water-soluble plant extracts, fruit and vegetable powders that not only spice up your drink, but also make it unique. You alone decide what makes your drink trendy and we at Falcone Specialities are incredibly happy to help!


Most of our water-soluble plant extracts have acacia fiber as a carrier, which results in even better water solubility. The water-soluble plant extracts can therefore be used in a wide variety of formulations. Whether in juices, in self-enriching smoothies or in sparkling energy drinks, no limits are set for you – get to know some selected qualities in our post:

The sweet-sour and fruity-exotic taste of baobab powder gives your drinks a unique touch. Thanks to the high fibre content of 45% (soluble and insoluble fibre), baobab is ideal for fibre enrichment of fruit juices or smoothies. Due to its unique nutritional profile, baobab is being called the new valuable superfruit from Africa.

Guarana fruits come from the Amazon, convince with their high content of natural caffeine and are interesting for energy drinks, among other things. The slightly spicy taste of guarana extracts is very exciting in combination with other ingredients. Scientific studies show that guarana satisfies the feeling of hunger and thus also supports weight management. Our guarana extract qualities with carrier acacia fibres convince through the great properties in
Reference to the solubility in water.

From the fresh green tea leaves, which are harvested in India, the high-quality green tea extracts with good water solubility and standardisation on the ingredients are produced. The slightly bitter taste is typical for green tea extracts. Green tea extracts are valued not only for their astringent, digestive and toning properties, but also as a result of the antioxidant effect due to the polyphenols.

Cranberry extracts belong to the superfoods and are convincing due to their high fruit content and/or the PACs they contain. Due to the berry-like taste and the pink coloring, cranberry extracts are not only a treat for the palate, but also for the eye.

In Tunisia, the prickly pears are harvested by hand-picking in cooperation with local farmers. The aim is to preserve the natural resources in order to ensure the high quality in the long term. The velvety, sweet and somewhat earthy taste as well as the orange colouring are convincing.

The extracts obtained from the dried hibiscus flowers convince with their flowery, slightly spicy taste and unique colouring. Our hibiscus is grown in Egypt under sustainable conditions. Hibiscus contains polyphenols that have antioxidant properties.

Here you can find more information about our extracts:


Water-soluble plant extracts offer you the following additional benefits in your recipe:

  • Improved water solubility thanks to acacia fibers as carrier material
  • Good compatibility thanks to acacia fibers as carrier material
  • Organic qualities available
  • Various health benefits thanks to standardization of ingredients


Water-soluble plant extracts are not only versatile, but also offer you additional positive properties thanks to their special ingredients. Hibiscus and green tea extracts, for example, give your beverage a unique taste and promote the health of your consumers with their high antioxidant content. In addition, acacia fiber as a carrier supports the fiber content of your recipe and thus achieves an improved nutri score and excellent digestibility and water solubility.

Convince yourself and let us advise you!

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