Peroxide initiators are not regulated at EU level. They are regulated by every single country. One European reference for the peroxide components is the German BgW. Section XLVI, which allows these ingredients for food contact applications in X-linked PE, with the restriction that the total amount of decomposition products in the final resin/product does not exceed 0.2%.
The included catalyst is allowed according to the German KTW recommendation 1.3.17 if the migration of Sn in potable water is below 5 microgram Sn/dm2. The maximum concentration of Sn in PE should be <0.08%.<

Trigonox 101 can meet the requirements of the BgW if the initiator is used correctly in HDPE PEX-b cross-linking and the dosage of the initiator is optimal.


  • Fifty-year service lifetime of the continuous and intermittent hot water line.
  • Maximum operating temperature of 110°C
  • Chemical resistance to solvents and oil
  • Creep properties and creep rupture resistance
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Impact resistance to resist crack propagation, especially at low temperatures
  • Resistance to slow crack growth

Note: The use of Trigonox 101 for products with potable water certification must be checked with the national approval authority in each case.