Our Mission Statement


Our objective is to become the leading distribution and service provider for speciality chemicals and food ingredients. We strive at being the preferred partner of our customers based on superior technical competence and reliable performances at very competitive prices.


On all operational levels, we continuously take full responsibility to support our internal and external partners in order to get outstanding results. Our commitment to service contributes to the success of our customers and suppliers. We combine specific capabilities in customer relationship management and technical application service with outstanding product and service portfolios of our suppliers. 

Mission Statement

Customer-oriented: Our aim is to help customers to strengthen and consolidate their position on the market continuously with a strong emphasis on their individual requirements and needs. 

Shareholder-oriented: We strive for enduring value creation for the benefit of our shareholders. 

Supplier-oriented: We are a trustworthy, loyal and respectful partner in all our internal and external relationships. 

Environment-oriented: In all parts of our activity, we aim to fulfil all requirements related to environmental, social and economic issues and maintain a dynamic equilibrium and sustainable level between those. The fulfilment of legal requirements shall be taken for granted.

Employee-oriented: We achieve excellent results through individual commitment, continuous skill development and entrepreneurial behaviour. 

“We bring you further!”