Cellulose fibers for road construction and technical applications

Cellulose fiber granules are produced from a technical cellulose specially developed for road construction. Therefore TOPCEL®, TOPCEL® G, can easily be used as a binder carrier for all fiber-bound asphalts. The pellet form is particularly suitable for automatic dosing devices at the asphalt mixing plant.

TOPCEL® add are multi-component products to produce specific types of asphalt. They consist of cellulose fiber as carrier material and various bitumen-modifying additives, depending on the product type. Use our products with additional benefits for fiber addition and binder modification in a single operation, directly at the mixing plant.

In paints and emulsion-bound systems, our Technocel® products result in an outstanding thickening effect, excellent stability, good workability, improved stability, more homogeneous final blends, reduced skin formation due to water binding, suppressed shrinkage effects, improved adhesion to painting tools and numerous other positive effects.


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