Expancel®expandable thermoplastic microspheres 

Expancel® Microspheres as a lightweight filler will add volume without significantly adding weight, many times with a positive effect on the final product properties. Our lightweight fillers allow you to substitute heavier substances with small portions of Expancel® expanded microspheres and achieve better overall results. This means making true quality, lightweight products without sacrificing volume. And you can seriously save raw material costs in the process.

When it comes to a blowing agent, a controlled foam structure makes your production process go a lot smoother. Not only do Expancel® Microspheres expand up to 60 times in volume, they also promise highly controlled foaming and a closed, uniform cell structure when used as a blowing agent. In some applications, this guards better against water penetration. In others, it lets you create internal pressure to combat shrinkage.


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