Gum Arabic / Acacia Fibers

With the company Nexira we represent the world market leader in the field of gum arabic and acacia fibres. The raw materials obtained from the acacia trees in the Sahel zone are further processed in France and offered in various conventional and organic qualities under the brand names Instantgum®, Spraygum®, Efistab® and Equacia®.

The application is based on the technological properties of gum arabic and acacia fibers. These include usage as a stabilizer, emulsifier, filler, carrier, film-forming coating agent and thickener. In addition to the functional advantages of gum arabic, the nutritional-physiological properties such as fiber enrichment, fat replacement or calorie reduction should also be emphasized.

With the product range Fibregum® we have raw materials at our disposal which show excellent results as soluble dietary fibers as well as impressive prebiotic properties. The Fibregum® products are food ingredients which can be declared as an e-number free acacia fiber and are therefore particularly suitable for clean label products.


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Chantal Brühwiler

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