Plant Fibers

Under the brand name SANACEL® we offer high-quality plant fibers and fiber blends based on wheat, oats, bamboo, sugar cane, potatoes, peas, apple and beta glucan. Plant fibers convince on the one hand by functional properties such as texture improvement, avoidance of syneresis, increased yield, extended shelf life, binding of oil/water or due to nutritional aspects such as calorie reduction, fat reduction or fiber enrichment.

With our SANACEL® plant fibers you use allergen-free as well as gluten-free raw materials (except beta-glucan), which support you in “clean labelling” as the plant fibers are declared as E-number-free food ingredients.


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Chantal Brühwiler

Chantal Brühwiler

Head of Food & Health

+41 79 811 25 80