Wine- / Liqueur- and Spirit Products

With the company Breko we have the leading supplier of wine ingredients, which is specialized in the processing and standardization of wine, liqueur wine and spirits, by our side. Their many years of experience and the recognition of IFS Food and GMP quality standards enable us to produce high-quality and customer-specific products. The wine products are used in the food industry primarily for flavouring and give the products a harmonious taste. The aromatization is carried out exclusively by natural flavouring substances and/or natural aroma extracts. With our liquid wine concentrates, our wine powders and the wine aromas, alcohol-free and taste-intensive alternatives are available as wine.

The spirits are produced by distilling natural products such as fruit, vegetables or cereals and convince through their standardized quality. In the field of distilled products, liquid spirits aromas are also available, which are used in very low dosages.


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Chantal Brühwiler

Chantal Brühwiler

Head of Food & Health

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